Technical ceramics

Our key markets for Advanced Ceramics


High Hardness, excellent Chemical, Thermal, mechanical and Wear resistance, Bio-compatilibility, with a very good ability to be polished up to grade N1 enable the Advanced Ceramics to be used in a broad range of high-tech applications involving the following key markets :


Chemical Industry : rotors, stators for injection and commutation valves


Medical : Dental implant, special surgery tools, ceramic dental brackets....


Microtechnic : Watch parts , Dot matrix printer zirconia guides, printer heads...


Industrial equipment : zirconia Nozzles, thread Guides, pivot, spinning parts, ceramic cutters, invesment casting core...


Others : model-making parts, jewels,




Application Domains
News & Events

"Adamou Sàrl of Etoy, Switzerland, is using ceramic injection moulding (CIM) to produce a sintered valve seat from 99.9% alumina powder."

Featured in: Powder Injection Moulding International magazine